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Earn 90% Guaranteed Payout using Payme!!!

The adult friendly solution alternative to PayPal and CashApp, etc. Securely and anonymously accept money from fans without the worry of chargebacks. 

Accept Payments & keep more profit for the things you already offer using your brand!

Build Your Brand & Monetize Your Fan Base! You have options….

Independant producers & broadcasters are the future of the adult industry!

Tired of giving 40%-50% of your value away to other platforms? They’re using you to draw attention & traffic to their sites & paying you half! Drive traffic to your own brand and double your income.

Get started selling your own premium clips, fanzine subscriptions, and private live cam all in once place & earn 80%!!!  Our newest addition  

Secure & Anonymous

Your fans can be assured that their anonymity is kept and you can too. All info & payments are highly encrypted and safe. 

Premium Clips

Sell individual clip rentals and pay per minute videos outside of your subscription. Bonus content is always popular. You can use it in conjunction with or stand alone. 

Broadcast Live

Broadcast for free to your fans or charge per minute using the private 1 on 1 cam feature. Stop paying cam sites 50%! 

Integrated Fan Site

Make your content available to your top fans who pay a monthly subscription to your member content.  

Embed your clips

You can drive traffic to your unique fan site page or embed your content into a separate website. We are all about providing you with the most options. 

Blog function coming!

PR & exposure for your brand has never been easier and are providing tools to do just that. Blog function coming soon. 

The old business model of paying 40%-50% to cam sites for traffic is no longer viable in today’s social media market. Drive your traffic to Skype & other free live video platforms & collect payment on your device while keeping 80% of the net profit! Also don’t under-estimate the profit in basic phone call sessions. Our “Payment Portal” is a better solution than the outdated cam-site business model & “Naughty Caller” will take you into the future when it arrives in 2020.

Ashley Sinclair

Award Winning Porn Star & Cam Girl

Coming in 2020!

The future is an in-app environment that handles your Skype and phone sex clients in real time! Naughty Caller is just one of our great solutions. It allows you to accept payment within the platform & accept phone calls for phone sex or LIVE Skype (cam) sessions via the app on your phone. No waiting for payment approvals or for PayPal to arrive. Secure & discrete billing for your client and chargeback protection & phone number anonymity for you!  Both the client & provider phone numbers are hidden or call within the app via web/interne while being billed by the minutet.


“I have used every single one of these tools to create my brand & generate passive income.”

Ashley Sinclair has been a staple in the adult industry since 2009. Having been nominated and the recipient of many awards, her motto has always been, “My award is in my bank account.”

Ashley Sinclair, Chief Operating Officer for Model Suite


You have questions and we have answers!

If you other questions, please contact us.

How much does it cost me?

The Payment Portal named  PayMe is free. You earn 90% of revenue generated on your portal. Other optional products such as managed clips site, landing pages, video editing, and PR are low cost add ons. Payme is hosted free for you at

Why is this better than camsites/clipsites?

Camsites and clipsites used to be great at delivering traffic to models, but over the years social media has made it possible to deliver your own traffic to your content. Why pay those sites 50% of your profit when your fans are following you there? We recommend funneling your fanbase gained from those sites & social media to your own brand to increase your value & so you can keep a bigger % of your earnings.

How much do I get paid?

We offer 80%-90% payout on all of our products with zero chargebacks. In the event of fraud, law enforcement and banks require us to return the money to it’s rightful owner but our securty protocols have a 99.9% success rate in catching fraud.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel at anytime. Your accounts may still remain visible until your have received your last payment and your account can then be closed with 30 days notice. 



Who can use these products?

We encourage all adult performers over the age of 18 to use our products.  Cam girls, influencers, models, porn stars, content producers are all welcome. We do reccommend that you have a decent established fan base. We will have other options for growing your audience soon!

Does this really work?

 Porn star and camgirl Ashley Sinclair began using the method of funneling fans from camsites, clipsites, and social media to her own personal brand and payment processor from the very beginning. She has consitently profited 2X-3X more than other talent, camgirls, & producers using these methods. Paying clip sites 40%-50% when much of your traffic will follow you anywhere just isn’t a good business model.  Her method works and now it is available to you!

Free Courses

Free Courses Coming Soon!

Premium Courses

Premium Courses Coming Soon!

Start your fan page now!

Earn 80% from subscribers, premium content purchases and live broadcasts.